Sports and green space

Sport and Green Space

Space for playing and relaxing will become one of the defining features of Coed Darcy. Green and public open spaces will be integrated seamlessly throughout the community to create a natural and spacious community.

A green square, featuring a central green, will be developed towards the southern end of the community.

Reflecting Coed Darcy's origins (Darcy's Woodland), the community will be populated with a vast array of local plants and trees to help reflect the wider natural environment.

Coed Darcy will have a total of 64 acres of green space, which will include four football pitches, two rugby pitches, a cricket pitch, two tennis courts, two bowling greens and one all purpose sports pitch.

There will also be safe play areas close to homes for toddlers and young children. Coed Darcy will have two Neighbourhood Equipped Areas for Play (NEAPS) providing suitable leisure space for older children and nine Local Equipped Areas for Play (LEAPS) which will provide play space for children between 4 to 8 years old.

These play areas will be safe and, where possible, overlooked by adjoining properties and well maintained, with play equipment of the highest standard.

The Coed Darcy Community Management Company will from the beginning help maintain the green open and play space.