Remediation Remediation


The remediation and reclamation requirements are set out within the planning approval for the site to create an environment which is safe to live, work, learn and relax.

St. Modwen is working with global environmental consultants and experts, Atkins, to clean up and redevelop the former BP Llandarcy Oil Refinery site in a safe and sustainable way. The entire process is monitored and overseen by Environment Agency Wales and Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council.

The company employs the sustainable and technically advanced remediation methods including biodegradation techniques whereby micro-organisms are used to clean up the soil.

Key Remediation Milestones

St. Modwen completed the seven year main site remediation work in 2012. 

Work includes:

  • 100km of pipeline and cable removed,
  • 200,000 tonnes of concrete has been recovered, crushed and will remain on site to provide recycled hard core for the buildings,
  • 5,000 tonnes of steel recovered and the majority recycled on site,
  • Enough oil to fill 9,000 tanks of fuel in the average family car (600,000 litres) has been recovered and recycled through an extraction process,
  • 95% of material extracted from the site has been reused during the construction process,
  • A groundwater drainage strategy has been developed to meet the needs of the Crymlyn bog (a site of natural and international wildlife importance),
  • Biodiversity of the site has been enhanced and a waste strategy developed,
  • The construction materials for buildings are sourced locally.